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Cosmetic clinic

Cosmetic services treatments


Dermapen microneedling procedures boost the body’s natural healing response to increase collagen and elastin production for reduced wrinkles and lines.


Unlike some laser treatments, Dermapen microneedling removes the risk of heat injury and hypopigmentation risks, while promoting optimised cell function.

Stretch Marks

Many practitioners and patients have claimed that Dermapen Treatments™ have been more effective in treating stretch marks than other methods.

Enlarged Pores

Microneedling with Dermapen stimulates the skin to produce new collagen, plumping up and tightening the appearance of the enlarged pores.


Dermapen is the only microneedling device with a dedicated scar setting and protocols for revision of all scar types including acne scarring.

After two treatments using skin needling, before & after. 


This professional peel is exclusively designed to enhance microneedling procedures but also acts as an effective stand-alone peel.

ÜBER PRO contains a specific blend of treatment actives to increase cellular turnover while addressing the signs of ageing, dyschromia, hyperpigmentation, melasma, milia and acne. Suitable for pigmentation, sun damage, anti-ageing and problematic skin and safe to use on any skin colour.

LED Light Therapy is a totally pain-free and non-invasive skincare treatment that stimulates your skin’s natural healing process. LED – or Light Emitting Diode – Therapy uses varying low-level wavelengths of light, including red, to rejuvenate the skin at a cellular level.

Our Enzyme Peels are beautiful entry level peels.

These peels effectively eliminate redundant cells , therefore accelerating the skin’s cellular renewal to reveal fresher, smoother skin.

Our Peptide peel

Allows optimal whitening and lightening effect on the skin, it is enhanced with concentrated levels of Vitamin C. Supporting existing collagen structures.

PRP therapy uses your own blood platelets to stimulate new cell growth, helping to improve your complexion, skin texture & restore loss of facial volume. The blood is essentially made up of four components; red blood cells, white blood cells, the plasma and the platelets. We take your blood and spin it in a centrifuge, which enables the separation of the blood cells from your plasma and platelets.

This is then re-injected into the skin that stimulates collagen & promotes new cell growth.

  • Improves tone & texture
  • Facial rejuvenation
  • Improve Acne
  • Treat acne scar
  • Improve pigmentation
Is it safe?

PRP therapy is safe; the immune system does not consider the injected platelet cells and plasma to be foreign and there is no allergic reaction. As the platelet cells are very small, flare-up from the injection is usually mild but is more common when injecting denser tissues such as tendons rather than the more spacious joints.

Is it painful?

While everyone’s pain tolerances vary, patient’s report a range of discomfort from mild to moderate with PRP procedure. The area that we treat will apply numbing cream first. A needle is used to draw blood from a vein in the arm initially and then small needles are used to perform the actual treatment.

Any down time with this procedure?

There is minimal downtime associated with PRP; however, after your treatment, your skin may be red. This is normal and to be expected. Redness usually lasts from one to 24 hours. You may also have a little swelling in some areas. Due to this, some patients like to be treated towards the end of the week, so they have the weekend to recover. Healing time varies from patient to patient.

Dysport was FDA approved for cosmetic use almost three years ago. It is made by Medicis, the company that makes Restylane and Perlane. Dysport costs around $5.50 per unit, but the dosing is different.


With Dysport, 0.01 cc contains two units. However, a typically forehead treatment would be 50 units. So, at $5.50 per unit for 50 units, you would pay $275. This makes Dysport about 10 percent less expensive than Botox.


The results of both Botox and Dysport treatment are gradual. Dysport spreads out more after injections. This makes it ideal for areas that you want to cover a lot of space, like forehead and crows feet.


Dysport starts working immediately, and the initial results of treatment can be seen within 48 hours of injection. To see the final results of treatment, you’ll need to wait around two weeks.


The active ingredient in both Botox and Dysport is a naturally occurring protein derived from the bacteria, Botulinium.

How long does Dysport last?

Results can last up to 5 months. You’ll need to go back for more injections to maintain treatment effects.

Before & after Dysport


Cosmetic services prices

Full face $275
Neck add on $50
Decolletage add on $50
Hands add on $50
Keloid scars FROM $150
Numbing cream add on $20
Package of 4 Treatments $230 per Tx – $920

Full face / skin needling $368.50
Face $328.90
Keloid scars FROM $150
Numbing Cream Extra $20
Package of 4 Treatments $325 per Tx – $1300

Single areas $5.50 a Unit
Multiple areas 2 areas – FROM $350
3 areas – FROM $475
  • Softens fines lines & wrinkles
  • Revitalise appearance
  • Prevent future deep line formation
  • Natural looking results

Lip Enhancements Lip filler: Kissable – FROM$399
Volume Fillers Cheek filler: – FROM $699
  • Add volume + fullness
  • Restore facial symmetry

Full face Single – $345 Package of 4 $295per Tx – $1180
Neck & Decolletage Single – $375 Package of 4 $315 per Tx – $1260
Infuse active serums for targeted results
  • Pigmentation
  • Scarring
  • Dull skin
  • Collagen – inducing
  • Deep delivery of active ingredients

Red Light (rejuventation, Rosacea) $79
Yellow Light (rejuventation) $79
Blue Light (acne) $79
Add-On: LED Light Therapy $79
Package Pre-Pay 3 $59each
New research shows regular LED light therapy can improve all sorts of skin issues that may include Acne, Rosacea, Psoriasis, scarring, and even wrinkles caused by aging.
  • Rejuvenating & healing
  • Targets active acne
  • Reduces acne-causing bacteria

Peels Single Pre-Pay 3
Hydrate – (treats: ageing, fine lines & dull dry skin
Resurfaces & improves moisture levels)
$180 $150each = $450
Brighten – (Treats: dull & pigmentation Restores clarity & deeply cleanses $180 $150each = $450
Revitalise – (treat: visible signs of ageing & environment damage) $190 $160each = $480
Renew – (treat: ageing, dull skin & acne
Firms & enhances skin health
$190 $160each = $480
  • Accelerates skin renewal
  • Targets specific concerns
  • Achieves real change to your skin

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